We are trusted by more than 100 medical institutions across the country, find out why: Impeccable quality. This is possible thanks to our close cooperation with many reputable companies manufacturing medical devices. Take advantage of innovation today! 

We created our project in 2010 when we started looking for land or equipment in China. We did not know what this laborious process is - to find the right product / equipment. We want entrepreneurs to properly upgrade equipment in accordance with the requirements of a business project for Yakutia.

There were many trial and error, nervous expectations, difficulties in negotiations with Chinese suppliers, Russian customs services and carriers. But we went forward - we always tried to find compromise solutions, we learned from the Chinese to think "in an oriental way." Each project for us is a small step in the development of our business. We value all customers and your feedback is very important to us. And not only good ones - it is impossible to work on mistakes without criticism.

The central office of our company is located in Hong Kong, representative offices are located in Shenzhen and Yakutsk. We are located in the very center of the business and commercial life of Asia - about 80% of the industrial and commercial potential of China is concentrated in the southern and eastern parts of China.

Hong Kong is an offshore zone where there are no import duties and the largest transport companies in the world are concentrated - this opens up opportunities for cooperation with anywhere in the world. We have a huge advantage over our competitors - we live and are close to suppliers and factories - we can get into our car at any time and come to the factory (even in the wilderness), go to the director, drink Chinese tea with him, see to each other's eyes and in a leisurely conversation to discuss and solve all the questions and details of your order.

We always track interesting business ideas at exhibitions in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and offer their implementation in the economic and geographical position of Yakutia. Sakhaimport focuses on the result. Currently, we work with many well-known companies in Yakutsk that successfully conduct their business.

Aial Alekseev

 Managing partner



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Ph.D (in Economics). Yakutsk State University, Institute of Finances and Economics (Management of Organization), Department of Foreign Languages (the English language in Economics, the Japanese language)

Yakutsk State University, Department of Foreign Languages (the Chinese language)

Alexander Maraktaev

 Managing partner



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